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Water Treatment Solutions in Charlotte

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Clean water is something everybody depends on. However, while we are privileged to be able to enjoy clean, potable water from anywhere in our home, the water we rely on isn’t always as clean as we might want it to be. In fact, a laboratory test would likely reveal a number of substances you would be shocked to learn is in the water that you drink, bathe in, clean with, and use for just about everything else every single day. While these substances are found in quantities that are often far below what would be deemed “risky,” you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to do something to improve your water quality and remove these unwanted inclusions.

At Parks Heating & Cooling, our plumbers offer a great selection of water quality products that can take care of your issues for good. We understand the need for pure, great-tasting water, and we can help you make the best decision for your home based on your needs, your available space, and your budget. From whole-home water filtration solutions using the latest and most advanced technology, to small and affordable reverse osmosis systems, we can take care of installation, maintenance, repairs, and more. We offer great customer service that treats your home with respect and care, and our workmanship ensures your new water filtration system is set up to work to the best of its ability. We stand by the work we do, and we guarantee your satisfaction!

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Whole-Home Water Filtration

Whole-home water filtration systems are growing rapidly in popularity. Wouldn’t it be great to know that the water that comes from every tap in your home was so pure it was safe enough to drink? Even your bathroom or utility room sinks? That’s exactly what you’ll have with a whole-home water filtration system. These devices use a variety of filtration media to filter out just about anything that is commonly found in public water systems, leaving you with nothing but pure, great-tasting water everywhere.

Just a few of the advantages of a whole-home water filtration system include:

  • High capacity: These systems can output enough water to run several of your highest water-consuming devices at the same time, including showers, washing machines, dishwashers, and more.
  • Improved plumbing health: Poor water quality can tear your home apart—literally. Improving water quality helps reduce the strain on your plumbing system caused by unwanted water inclusions, and that improves overall reliability.
  • Better health: Have you noticed that your skin feels dry or your hair feels coarse? That might be due to low-quality water. Improving your water quality will make your skin and hair both look and feel better!
  • Low maintenance: Whole-home water filtration systems can run for years without any filtration media changes. Their self-flushing technology means these systems require virtually zero attention for long periods of time.
  • Low additional energy costs: Most whole-home water filtration systems require very little additional energy to operate. And that’s if they require any at all—some require no additional energy. That means low operating costs that are virtually negligible on your energy bills.

Whole-home water filtration can remove everything from mineral content that causes hard water to VOCs, unwanted biological pathogens, pesticides, and plenty of other harmful chemicals and substances, leaving you with clean, great-tasting water.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are small, convenient ways of getting clean, great-tasting water without the major expense and labor of installing a whole-home solution. Generally, you can purchase a reverse osmosis system for just a few hundred dollars, meaning the investment is about as minimal as it can be. Installation is generally simple, as the whole system will easily fit into a small cabinet, such as the space beneath your kitchen sink. However, what they lack in size they more than make up for in filtration power. These systems can produce a great amount of clean, clear water for use with cooking, making ice, cleaning, or even for just plain drinking. These are a great way to get rid of your need for expensive and heavy water bottles, and to save money while doing so!

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