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Is a Wi-Fi Thermostat For Me?

Smart home devices are becoming more and more common. They often improve your life, simplify things, add functionality, and other handy tidbits. The team here at Parks Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is all for new technology, in particular Wi-Fi thermostats. We’re more than happy to provide them to our customers in the Charlotte area. What

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What Is the Difference Between Auxiliary Heat & Emergency Heat?

If you’ve taken even a slightly longer glance at your thermostat, you may have noticed it has a couple of extra heat settings: one called “auxiliary heat” and one called “emergency heat.” While most people know these two settings exist, few people actually know the difference between them. And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

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Ways to Stay Cool on a Budget

Ah, the summertime. When the temperature begins to rise outside, during the hottest of months, it can certainly make your home feel more like a sauna than an igloo. No matter what you choose to do to cool down your space, the only solution seems to be the air conditioner. Of course, this will work

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5 HVAC Tips: How to Choose the Right Contractor

If you’re looking to replace or repair your current HVAC system, picking the right contractor is a priority. Even with a new HVAC system, choosing a reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced HVAC company to take care of maintenance will help extend the life of your unit and keep it performing its best throughout the years. Here

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Shifting Weather Patterns and Smart Thermostats

With Fall approaching, weather patterns change. Temperature fluctuations from hot to cold and warm to cool keep this transition season interesting. Just like the changing of the leaves, the changing temperatures have a direct effect on your environment. You may constantly visit the thermostat, tweaking the temps from day to day or hour to hour

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How to Clean Your AC

When it comes to maintaining maximum performance and efficiency, routine AC maintenance is necessary. Here at Parks Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, your comfort and safety are our utmost priorities, which is why our team wants to help you keep your AC in top shape. Continue reading to learn how you can clean your AC. The

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What Temperature Should I Set My Air Conditioner in the Summer?

Summer is just around the corner, which means so is the heat. No one likes being hot and miserable all summer but paying astronomical AC energy bills isn’t all that fun either. If you’re wondering how you can best keep your home comfortable without emptying your wallet this summer season, keep reading. Set Your Thermostat

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What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Selecting the right air conditioner for your home is the key to achieving maximum comfort and energy efficiency. When people speak of size in reference to their air conditioner, they don’t mean the actual physical size of the AC unit; rather, they mean the cooling capacity of the AC. You want to make sure that

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How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

Drain flies love stagnant water and organic debris, such as bacteria and sewage, which make rarely used sinks a great place for them to feed and reproduce. When you come across drain flies in your home, it is important to take care of them right away. Drain flies are harmless pests, but they are known

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How to Unclog a Shower Drain

Is there anything more irritating that hopping into the shower and watching all of the water pool at your feet? We don’t think so either. Clogged shower drains are extremely common and are usually caused by the buildup of things like hair and soap scum over time. If your shower drain is clogged, there are

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