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The Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your HVAC System for Charlotte’s Heat

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When summer starts to approach, Queen City families need to think ahead by ensuring their air conditioners are prepared to handle the increased demand. The Carolinas bring hot and humid summer weather, so there are several steps that homeowners need to take to ensure their systems work properly on the hottest days of the year.

In this blog post, the HVAC experts at Parks Heating Cooling Plumbing & Electrical provide a comprehensive guide to ensuring your AC system is prepared to handle the heat this summer.  


Avoid AC Issues by Taking These Simple Precautions

When your air conditioner isn’t properly optimized ahead of the summer months, it can lead to expensive repairs and premature breakdowns. Keep costly cooling repair requests at bay by taking these simple precautions ahead of the summer months:

Clean & Replace Your Air Filter

One of the easiest forms of maintenance you can provide for your air conditioner is cleaning and replacing your air filter. As you use your AC system, your filters may become clogged with dust, dirt, allergens, and other debris. Clogged air filters can result in restricted airflow, hindering your AC’s performance and causing it to work harder than necessary to keep your home comfortable.

Before the summer hits, be sure to swap out your air filter or give it a thorough cleaning if you have a reusable filter. Continue to keep up with changing out or cleaning your air filters at regular intervals so your system remains reliable all summer long. In general, it’s recommended that you clean or replace an air filter once every 90 days; however, you may need to do this more frequently if you are an allergy sufferer, have pets, or live with immunocompromised individuals.

Inspect Your Vents & Registers

Another problem that can impact your air conditioner’s efficiency and performance is clogged or dirty vents and registers. While professional duct cleaning services are the most comprehensive solution for clearing out your system, performing a quick inspection of the vents throughout your home can go a long way in ensuring optimal performance.

During your inspection, look out for things like dust, dirt, pet hair, and debris. You’ll also want to make sure no furniture is blocking your vents. Also, don’t forget to check and see that your AC vents are fully opened to encourage adequate airflow.

Clear Away Outdoor Debris

Many air conditioning systems feature an outdoor condenser unit. These systems can become prone to damage as they are exposed to the elements, leading to the potential of reduced system efficiency. Be sure that the area around your outdoor system is clean and clear of debris, checking for things like leaves, branches, overgrown shrubbery, and other obstructions that can hinder your system’s performance.

Consider an AC Replacement

There’s nothing worse than having an outdated system that calls it quits during the height of the summer heat. Avoid this problem altogether by considering an air conditioner replacement before the cooling season is in full swing. You may need an AC replacement if:

  • Your unit is older than 15 years old
  • Your system needs frequent, expensive repairs
  • There’s been a notable decline in efficiency
  • The cost to repair your system is 50% or more than the cost to replace it

Schedule an Annual AC Tune-Up

The most important thing you can do for your air conditioner before the summer hits is to ensure it receives a professional tune-up. It’s recommended that you schedule an air conditioning maintenance appointment once annually, preferably at the end of winter or early spring, to beat the seasonal rush. By scheduling an AC tune-up, you can extend your system life span, improve energy efficiency, and prevent premature breakdowns from disrupting your comfort.

Stay Prepared With HVAC Help From Parks!

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Need help ensuring your air conditioner is adequately prepared for the southern heat? Parks Heating Cooling Plumbing & Electrical offers the comprehensive cooling solutions you need to keep your system working its best all season long. From annual AC tune-ups to same-day air conditioning repairs, we are here to keep your home cool and comfortable when it counts.

Schedule air conditioning services in Charlotte or the surrounding areas of North and South Carolina by calling Parks at 704-596-8200 today.

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