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Heating & Cooling FAQ’s

Get the Answers From Our HVAC Team!

Heaters and air conditioners are fairly complex machines, and homeowners often have a number of questions about them. We see a lot of these questions fairly often, so to help you find the answers you’re looking for, we’ve created a short series of video segments that tackle some of the frequently asked questions about heating and cooling.

How should I set my thermostat if I have a two-story home?

Two-story homes have a problem that homeowners have been tackling for years: it’s always significantly hotter upstairs in summer, and colder downstairs during winter. Setting both your upstairs and downstairs thermostats to the same temperature usually doesn’t resolve this problem. Instead, during the hot summer months, turn your upstairs thermostat to your target temperature and your downstairs setting to two degrees warmer for optimal comfort and efficiency. Reverse this process in winter and you’ll enjoy comfort while using less electricity all year round.

What is my thermostat telling me?

Your thermostat is a small, wall-mounted box that tells you everything from the time of day, to the temperature of your home, and what modes your HVAC system is currently operating in. If the screen is off, tap it or press a button and it should turn on again. There are three primary readings on your thermostat that you should know about: your current home temperature, your target home temperature (which usually only shows when your system is turned on), and the operating mode (heat, cool, or off). Most thermostats also include the fan setting on the display as well, which could be “auto,” “on,” or “circulate.”

Do you offer any warranties?

An HVAC system is a huge investment, and Parks Heating, Cooling & Plumbing wants to help you protect it. We proudly offer a five year warranty on all Lennox equipment as long as you have a history of routine system maintenance. We’ll even register your equipment for you so you don’t have to worry about filling out the paperwork! We also offer a two-year warranty on all HVAC systems and labor, with a few exceptions. Check out our video below for more details!

What maintenance do you offer?

Unless you regularly maintain you HVAC system, you could deal with unexpected breakdowns, inefficiency, and other issues that all mean more money out of your pocket. Parks Heating, Cooling & Plumbing offers our Service Partner Plan, which includes two services per year (once in the heating season, and again in the cooling season), plus priority service for any repairs, 15% discounts on all repairs and service calls, and a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Having your system maintained also helps keep your warranty intact, warranties on Lennox equipment as well as most other manufacturers, are deemed null and void if a system doesn’t receive regular maintenance from a licensed contractor.

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