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Top Tips for Saving Energy This Spring

Spring Flowers For Tips On Saving Energy Charlotte, NC

Spring is a time for new beginnings.

Spring cleaning efforts are underway, the days become more beautiful, the flowers start to bloom, we start to spend more time outside and we get the urge to have friends and family over more often. After a cold winter season, spring is just the thing to get us active and involved once again.

If you are looking for even more ways to refresh your habits this spring, it may be time to pay a little extra attention to some simple ways to save energy around your house. Saving energy leads to saving money, so that is a nice little incentive to look forward to as well!

To help you reevaluate your energy saving efforts this spring, let’s go over a few simple steps you can take to make a big difference in the amount of energy you are using at home.

1. Delay turning on the air conditioner. Especially in the south, we have a tendency to turn on the air conditioner the second that the days start to warm up. However, this is not always necessary in the spring. Before you start running your air conditioner this year, let mother nature help cool down your space. Open the windows, and let the breeze flow throughout your house. Additionally, take advantage of any ceiling fans that you have. These simple measures can help you stay cool without having to use a whole lot of energy.

2. Take advantage of the sunlight. On sunny spring days, let the sun light up your house. Open up all of your blinds, and allow the sunlight to flow in. This will allow you to keep your lights turned off as much as possible. Why pay more for electricity when the sun can light up your home for free?

3. Use a programmable thermostat. Did you know that you can save approximately 10 percent on your heating and cooling costs each year just by setting a programmable thermostat? Go ahead and install one this spring, before you have your air conditioner running more frequently in the summer. Don’t pay for energy to cool your home when you know that no one will be there to need or enjoy it.

4. Switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, switching out just five of the most commonly used lightbulbs in your home could save you up to $75 each year. The initial cost of these lightbulbs may be a little more, but they make up for it by lowering your monthly energy costs.

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