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Few things are more frustrating for the average homeowner than dealing with broken HVAC equipment. This always seems to happen at the worst time, i.e. at the height of summer or in the dead of winter, and oftentimes you have to wait through a long service window to even get a technician to show up. Fortunately, there’s a better way to prevent heating and air conditioning breakdowns and ensure you get timely and efficient service for your system on a regular basis.

By signing up for the Premium Partner Plan with Parks Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, you will receive guaranteed service, day or night, to take care of a full range of HVAC issues. Premium partners receive regular tune-ups to keep their equipment functioning at peak efficiency year-round, which means lower heating and cooling bills no matter what the weather is like outside. And with our SPP, you also get discounts on labor, making this already great deal even more affordable. If you’re looking for an HVAC maintenance plan in Charlotte designed to reduce your utility bills, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and provide convenient protection for a variety of heating and cooling equipment, then our Service Partner Plan is right for you!

To become a Premium Partner today, call Parks Heating, Cooling & Plumbing at (704) 313-1443.

What You Can Expect From Our Premium Partner Plan

We Do it Right the First Time. That's the Parks Way!

Nobody is happy when their heating or air conditioner system breaks down. Breakdowns almost always happen at the worst time, when the weather is at its hottest or coldest. You might have to wait a long time for service. We have a solution: Sign up for our SPP !! In an emergency, we’ll be there fast, day or night, to solve the issue. The SPP also lets us restore your heating and cooling to peak efficiency since regular tune-ups are included in the plan. Efficient equipment means using less energy and saving money on utility bills. With the SPP, you also receive discounts on labor. In a time of high utility bills and busy lives, becoming an SPP member gives you tremendous value, convenience, protection, and savings. I guarantee it!

Sincerely, Wyatt Tucker Jr.

  • Fast Response

    When you sign up for our Premium Partner Plan, you will always receive service within 24 hours of your request (weather permitting.)

  • Guaranteed Repairs

    All repairs you receive as a Premium Partner are guaranteed for up to a full year; if we have to fix an issue twice in the same year, the second repair is free.

  • Respect for Your Property

    Our technicians will always put down drop cloths before the service process begins and wear booties when they walk through your house. We promise, when our job is finished, your home will look just as beautiful as it did before we arrived.

  • Only Parks Technicians

    We never use subcontractors for any of the work you will receive—when you become a Premium Partner, every single service is performed by one of our highly-trained technicians.

  • New Parts

    Parks Heating, Cooling & Plumbing does not use rebuilt parts. Unlike some of our competitors, every part we install when we have to replace some component of your system will be brand new and manufactured by a trusted, industry-approved company.

  • Lower Utility Costs

    Studies have shown that regular maintenance can reduce your monthly utility bills by as much as 15% over time!

  • Greater Energy Efficiency

    A huge part of routine maintenance is ensuring your equipment stays energy efficient, performing consistently for long periods of time without needing significant repairs and replacements.

Premium partner Benefits

  • Priority Scheduling
  • System Check
  • 15% Discount
  • Call Reminder for Scheduled Maintenance
  • Transferable
  • 1 Plumbing Inspection
  • Members Only: Hotline, FREE Events & Giveaways
  • Waived Trip Charge

Furnace Safety

We will keep you and your family safe and secure with annual heating inspection and tune-up. This will reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning on gas heating systems and cut down on costly breakdowns on all types of systems.

1 3 - P O I N T M A S T E R H E AT I N G P E R FO R M A N C E & SA F E T Y CHECK

  • Check for holes or cracks in heat exchanger.
  • Clean burner and adjust maximum efficiency.
  • Test ignition system micro-amp to ensure safe operation.
  • Check safety controls.
  • Conduct carbon monoxide test at furnace and in duct system.
  • Test and tighten all wiring and connections.
  • Check for proper airflow.
  • Check temperature rise across heat exchanger for maximum efficiency.
  • Check thermostat.
  • Check amp draw on all motors.
  • Check gas valve for proper operation.
  • Visually inspect filters.
  • Inspect accessible ductwork.


We will also perform an annual air conditioner
inspection and tune-up. This will ensure the system is running at peak efficiency and extend the life of your air conditioner.


  • Check refrigerant charge by superheat and subcooling method for maximum efficiency.
  • Clean outdoor condenser coil.
  • Check blower motor condition and belt tension.
  • Tighten and safety test all wires and connections.
  • Check safety control for proper operation.
  • Test operation and condition of compressor contacts.
  • Inspect and test run and start capacitors for proper operation.
  • Check compressor voltage and amperage for proper operation.
  • Check thermostat operation.
  • Check temperature drop across coil for proper air flow.
  • Flush condensate drain line to protect air flow.
  • Visually inspect filters.
  • Inspect accessible ductwork.
  • Inform customer of equipment condition and recommend repairs.

Plumbing Inspection

  • Water heater safety check
  • Check all fixtures for leaks and proper drainage; flush toilets, run faucets and tub/shower valves, garbage disposal
  • Check whole home water pressure
  • Visual leak check in crawlspace
  • Free camera sewer inspection as long you have an accessible cleanout
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