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Is a Wi-Fi Thermostat For Me?

Smart home devices are becoming more and more common. They often improve your life, simplify things, add functionality, and other handy tidbits. The team here at Parks Heating, Cooling & Plumbing is all for new technology, in particular Wi-Fi thermostats. We’re more than happy to provide them to our customers in the Charlotte area.

What Are The Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats?

Also known as a digital thermostat or internet thermostat. A Wi-Fi thermostat is kind of what you would expect them to be – thermostats with access to the internet and networks via Wi-Fi connections. Wi-Fi thermostats give you access to different types of controls and information that can be accessed from a smartphone, PC, tablet, or any other similar device that carries support for the system.

This means you have access to the controls for your thermostat literally anywhere you have Wi-Fi or cell data. This could be especially handy if you are on vacation and forgot to turn your A/C temperature up. You can simply log into your thermostat’s app raise the temperature up, which in turn will help you save electricity.

Benefits of Wi-Fi thermostats include:

  • Smart thermostat adjustments. Smart thermostats, such as the Nest thermostat or Lennox’s iComfort Wi-Fi thermostat, are programmable and will learn your heating and cooling preferences over time, making small adjustments where needed. This means not only a more comfortable home, but a more efficient one, too.
  • Improved efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs. With more precision in your temperature control, you’ll see lower energy costs overall. With all of the savings you’ll see from purchasing a Wi-Fi thermostat it makes this one of the smartest HVAC investments you can make these days.
  • Reports and alerts. Wi-Fi thermostats compile useful information into detailed reports that you can review any time. With these reports, you can find recommendations on how to increase your home efficiency or more effectively keep your home comfortable. These thermostats also issue alerts when your home becomes too hot or cold, helping you to detect potential problems quickly. They can also give you error codes when some part of your system isn’t working as well as it should. These errors or notifications can be as simple as letting you know when it’s time to change your filters.

Are You Ready To Install A Wi-Fi Thermostat In Your Charlotte Area Home?

At Parks Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we install multiple types of thermostats so you can choose the best option that suits your lifestyle. Whether you want to control your home’s temperature on the go or you’re looking for a more simple solution, we can help you determine the best fit. If you’re ready to improve your home’s heating and cooling, give our experts a call today!

Use our live chat, contact us online, or call Parks Heating, Cooling & Plumbing today at (980) 357-5427 to get more information on the Wi-Fi thermostats we offer.

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