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Preventative Maintenance

Service Partners Plan (SPP)

Our Service Partners Plan is a preventive maintenance program for your heating and cooling system.

Our expert technicians clean, inspect and tune up your system to make sure it is in proper working order for the upcoming cooling season. We strongly believe that our Service Partners Plan plan will pay for itself many times over in the reduction of repair costs and added longevity of your equipment.

The service partner plan gives you a 15% discount on repairs, priority service and $50 in annual Loyalty Credits.

The service partner plan gives you a 15% discount on ALL repairs.

We maintain accurate records of services and repairs for better equipment management and warranty protection. Most major brands require annual maintenance performed by a licensed contractor in order to maintain manufacturer’s warranty.

Your Service Partners Plan agreement price cannot be raised during the effective dates of your agreement. Planned Service can be purchased for up to three years in advance with guaranteed price protection.

Minor repairs and adjustments can prevent major repairs and catastrophic failures that could require premature equipment replacements.

Routine maintenance ensures the highest energy efficiency and enhances the life expectancy of the equipment.

As an Service Partners Plan customer, you will have the benefit of knowing that your effort to conserve energy is having a positive impact on the environment.

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